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The Master's Company

The Masters Company is an auditioned company of 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who have a serious commitment to theatre arts and to Young Peoples Performing Company.  There is no fee for Masters, but members are expected to participate in at least three productions during the school year, or two productions and either the Summer Music Theatre Camp or the group trip to Blackfriars playhouse in Staunton, Virginia.  They are also expected to be on time for rehearsals, to help with the technical duties for Masters plays and to make a 10 hour work commitment, which usually involves helping during the production week of one of the younger groups' shows and is considered community service.  Masters are also encouraged to be in the Music Theatre Camp in the summer at half the usual fee.

Masters Company performances during the year have included the Centerfest play in September, touring plays (e.g. HallowEno in October), 2-3 full length productions in the WTVD theatre during the school year (one of these productions may be student-directed one-acts), and the Holiday play in December.