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1.  How do I register my child for a class?

        Fill out the registration form, which is available to download and print
        from the forms page of this website, and mail it with your deposit of
        $20.00 to:
                         Young People's Performing Company
                         120 Morris Street
                         Durham NC 27701

2. Do you send confirmations?

        We do not send confirmations. You will hear back from us only if there
        is a problem with your registration.

3. What are your fees?

        The fees change slightly from session to session, based on the actual
        number of hours the class will meet. To find the current charge for any
        class, consult the listings under Classes, Current Class Schedules.

4. What ages do you include?

        Our classes begin at age 5, and continue through high school . Our
        summer camps include rising 4th grade through high school. 

        Groups follow the school year. A child must be 5 by September 5th
        (or whatever the school cut off date is) of the school year in which
        they join and they stay with that group unless asked to change by the
        director. In rare cases an exception may be made but only if approved
        by the director and on a trial basis.

5. Where are you located?

        We are located in the WTVD Theatre in the basement of the Durham
        Arts Council building on Morris Street in downtown Durham.  Map

6. Can my child still participate if he/she must begin the session late, or miss some classes?

        This would need to be decided on a case by case basis. Much depends
        on how long the session is and how much would be missed.

7. Does everyone in the class get a part?

        Yes. Classes follow the audition process in each session, and a part is
        assigned to every student.

8. Is there a performance with every class?

        Yes. Each class session follows the model of audition, rehearsal, and

9. Can you give us information about other students in the class to help with carpooling?

        It would be best to come to the first class and ask parents directly.
        We would need to contact parents and ask them if it’s all right to
        share phone numbers.

10. Can we visit a class?

        Yes, you are welcome to visit and observe a class you are interested
        in. We also encourage you to attend a performance with your child.

11. What is your inclement weather policy?

        YPPC’s inclement weather policy is based on whether the Arts Council         Building is open.  If the building is closed, classes will clearly not be         possible.  If the building is open, classes will be held.  Jeffryn lives         nearby and can generally get to the Arts Council.  You will, of course,         need to decide for yourselves and based on your location whether         traveling to the Arts Council is safe.  The phone number for the Arts         Council is 560-2787.  They generally have a recorded message if the         building is closed.  

12. Does my child need any previous experience to be a part of your program?

        No previous experience is required!